Why is Shattered Magazine changing names?

For 5 years now, Shattered has been using the power of story to break down the barriers that keep us from knowing Jesus and sharing Him with others. Over the years, we have evolved from simply sharing stories to really wanting to help build authentic relationships between people that help others know and love Jesus and others well. We believe that God-glorifying relationships are based on authenticity—where people are not afraid to be honest about who they are, what they’ve done and where God has met them; where no one is met by judgment and condemnation but with grace and mercy; where relationships are built in our love and actions towards others.

To that end, we built an online community and named it AUTHENTIK.city. From now on, the stories we share will be used to fuel and grow this community. We will always use the power of story to break down barriers and build relationships. Only now, we will be doing it as AUTHENTIK.